X-Path is address of an element in web page source code

X-Path is two types such as :1. Absolute X-path 2. Relative X-path 

Absolute x-path is an address of an element by forming tags from html to target element tag. Here XPath expression is created using the selection from…

In this article we will look at the 5 agile scrum ceremonies in brief with their purpose, attendees and duration of each ceremony.

The five scrum ceremonies are:

1.Sprint Planning

2.Daily Scrum

3.Backlog Refinement

4.Sprint Review

5.Sprint Retrospective

Before jumping into what actually scrum ceremonies are ,let us quickly review…

SelectorsHub is such an amazing innovation tool and one stop solution for xpath,Css selectors and many more web element locator techniques

This plugin really made our lives easy ,delivers at faster pace and speed up our implementation with accuracy

Has furnished with below features:

  1. Support all kinds of browsers: Chrome,Safari,Firefox,Edge,Opera.
  2. Super cool plugin for xpath and css selector
  3. Support for Shadow DOM
  4. iFrame and NestediFrame Support
  5. Helps in locating SVG elements
SelectorsHub logo

Test Plan v/s Test Strategy

Test Plan:

1.Test plan document is a document which contains the plan for all the testing activities to be done to deliver a quality product

2.It is designed by test lead or test manager

3.It is a dynamic document. It can be changed

4.It is defined at project level

Steps for Preparing…

This is Shiva Kumar Velde,Passionate QA holding an experience of 9.6 Years with variuos flavours of testing viz: Manual testing, Database testing ,Automation testing on selenium with Java and little bit knowledge on API part using postman tool

I like exploring on QA side and love to learn and share on this platform of anything related to QA

Shiva Kumar Velde

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